Top 8 Most Popular Sports in Pakistan

Most Popular Sports in Pakistan

Pakistan has rich sporting antiquity. Over the years’ different sports in Pakistan have seen their superb days and some sports have had a failure in their popularity due to different reasons. Trends might have altered but one thing remains unmovable and that is the love of Pakistani nation for sports. Following is a list of top 8 most popular sports in Pakistan


Cricket remainders the undisputed champion in relations of popularity in Pakistan in 2016, regardless of the fact that Pakistani soil has not seen much worldwide cricket action. One can claim that the craze for cricket is not the same as it was in the 90s or 2,000s but this might just be fake or seasonal. Every time the cricket world cup or any other event arrives, the entire nation catches the cricket fever.

The desires run high with a screening of matches in different public places. There are hundreds if not thousands of cricket clubs in different portions of the country and many local competitions are held in every city throughout the year. Kids still play tape ball cricket in the streets and try to copy the style of great stars like Shahid Afridi, Wahab Riaz, and Misbah ul Haq.


The most common sport of the world is still not the most popular sport in Pakistan in 2016, but things are moving rapidly. In just about all the urban centers of Pakistan, football has gained massive popularity over the last few years. It has become the leading sport in many schools, colleges, and universities.

Over the years Pakistan football federation has nonstop failed this beautiful game in Pakistan, but the international appeal and stardom of the game are so massive that football is still growing in Pakistan. There are hundreds of thousands of fans of European football clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. Football is the 2nd maximum watched and played sport in Pakistan in 2016.


Snooker has been famous in Pakistan for quite some time. In hundreds of snooker clubs all over the country, thousands of young players play snooker with desire. There are barely any training or development programs for snooker players. The maximum of the players starts as a hobby.


Badminton is most famous in Pakistan as it is a sport which has a low cost and can be played everyplace requiring just two players. The sport played in schools, colleges, and universities of Pakistan in the meantime. This is possibly the only sport in Pakistan which is played more by females than males. It is quite mutual in girls and women in Pakistan. The sport is not watched as much as it is played and nonexistence professionalism as well.


Later, 15 years or so, squash known for its past magnificence and the world championships which players like the Excessive Jahangir Khan and Janshair Khan won in the 90s. With Pakistani players weakening to make a strong impact internationally, squash continues to struggle for its place among the sports fans of Pakistan.


The failure of hockey continues. Hockey is the sport that has given Pakistan 3 Olympics gold medals and 4 world cups. Numerous factors are contributing to the falling popularity of the sport which was once the most popular sport in Pakistan. The poor performance of the hockey federation and as a result hockey team over the last few years is one issue. Lack of correct infrastructure, lack of glory and international appeal are also contributing to the failure of Hockey. Unless something unusual happens, the trend is likely to continue.


Boxing has been fast popularity in Pakistan. Associated with other sports, Pakistani boxers have performed sensibly well in international events. There are boxing clubs in the most important cities in Pakistan. Karachi has produced some of the greatest Pakistani boxers over the year. One of the main reasons for the recent popularity of boxing in Pakistan is maybe Amir Khan.


Volleyball stays to be a popular sport in Pakistan. The sport is quite famed in the rural areas of Pakistan. Several local events of volleyball held in key cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and also in rural areas, throughout the year. Such actions have good crowds and an obsessive atmosphere.

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