Rules for Private Cricket Events in Pakistan

Rules for Private Cricket Events in Pakistan

Rules for Private Cricket Events in Pakistan

Rules for Private Cricket Events in Pakistan:- Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the individual regulatory authority tasked with the duty to manage and control the activities of the game of cricket in Pakistan, is aware of the fact that cricket is the most famous game in Pakistan due to which persons and entities are actively trying to establish private cricket tournaments.

Furthermore, Pakistan Cricket Board being a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) under duty to follow the rules expressed by ICC and as the single regulator of all forms of the game of cricket in Pakistan, PCB is responsibility bound to guarantee that the laws of cricket as expressed from time to time by ICC as well as by PCB itself are followed incorrect letter and spirit.

Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB)

Pakistan Cricket Board must take into account the player’s assignment management. Duration of the tournaments they are joining in, selected locations for the events, and that all other related parts meet the principles of a sensible and professional standard in order to avoid any unnecessary harm to the players owing to the misconduct of any kind of the organizers.

Moreover, PCB must also guarantee that the scheduling of players’ development actions which contain, inter alia, skills connecting bowling, batting, and fielding techniques, at numerous cricket academies are not disadvantaged due to a clash b/w the dates of such activities and the planned cricket events.


These guidelines called PCB Instructions for Private Cricket Events and shall apply to all private Tournament, Private Cricket Event, and Private Match organized secretly wherein any Club Team, Cricket Association Team, Service Organization Team, Centrally Slight Player, Registered Player, Registered Match Authorized, Registered Player Support Workers, Coach or any specific or organization affiliated with PCB contributes.


If the context otherwise offers:

PCB: Where used properties of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Centrally Slight Player: This means a cricketer who involved by the PCB under the Central Agreement which retains him/her on a permanent basis in agreement with the terms and conditions of such agreement.

Chairman: Means Chairman of the Board.

Chief Operating Officer: This means the person selected as Chief Operating Officer of PCB.

Cricket Incident: Means any cricket tournament or Match in any format of the game of cricket and shall contain all social, profitable and helpful events.


The Event Evaluation Committee shall include the following:

  • The Director of Domestic Cricket Operations
  • Director of Safety and Anti-Corruption
  • Director Marketable
  • General Manager of Domestic Cricket Acts

Factors Measured by The Tec For Issuance of NOC:

So, the following factors, inter alia, measured by the TEC. In defining whether or not to grant a NOC to any Candidate.

It is hereby specifically provided that the list provided below is not comprehensive. TEC shall be at liberty to study any other factor or event existing at the relevant point in time as it deems suitable.

  1. The level to which the proposed PCE may be put up against PCB’s

calendar of global and domestic events to ensure avoidance of any fight or

Cooperation with:

  • Matches or events already planned in the PCB calendar, contracts to which the PCB or ICC is a gathering.
  • The number of Centrally Contracted Players, and players contributing in the PCE, and their risk of overemphasizing by way of contribution in the PCE.
  • Moreover, air and reasonable allocation of calendar space b/w different events and matches even as concurrently safeguarding PCB’s commercial awareness.
  • The role of the projected PCE in the promotion and development of cricket, or any
  • other generous or benevolent determination.


Any PCE thought without gaining a prior NOC from the TEC considered

Criticized Cricket:

The team of any club, cricket connotation, service group, or any Centrally Contracted Player, Registered Player, Registered Match Authorized, coach or Registered Player Help Personnel contributing to the Criticized Cricket event stated as unqualified for selection, participation in any team organized at any level by PCB or forms operating under the auspices of PCB or associated with PCB for not less than 2 years.


Furthermore, any private manager to whom NOC granted by TEC shall be under a responsibility to abide by the valid Playing Conditions. Rules for domestic actions and PCB’s Anti-Corruption Code for Members. Any other rules as expressed by PCB from time to time. For the sake of simplicity, it is expressly providing that it shall be the sole accountability of such private organizers. PCE members to inform themselves of the valid rules and code.

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